Introduction to Java


Java is a stand alone programming language developed by Sun Microsystems. It can be embedded into your HTML document and downloaded into web browsers. The HTML code used to embed a java applet into a web page is:

<APPLET CODE="appletname.class" WIDTH="275" HEIGHT="75"></APPLET>


Applet code tells the browser where to find the source code to run the applet. Something to remember is that you MUST have the class file and your image files in the exact place or you will be returned with an error on page. between the <APPLET......> and </APPLET> tags you will be entering parameter tags that will look like <parameter name="name" value="value" where you will replace what is in red with the filename and value according to the applet's instructions. These could end up being images, color, size, timing and much more. You must be careful that your syntax is exact to the instructions of the applet or an error will come up when trying to view.


Below at the right you will see one of my first applets I ever used on a site, I've modified it as it was used for a website for new mothers, the one below is modified to carry the names of some sites, as you see the names change if you put your mouse over one and click on it you will be taken to that website.


Below on the left you will find links to places that you can get free java applets from. Anfy has a program you can download to easily create java applets with the tools they have provided. I have used Anfy and if you would like to use Java I highly recommend adding Anfy to your program collection. NavSurf are the ones responsible for creating the Java applet that is used for the navbar on this site.





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