What is Dynamic HTML?


Dynamic HTML otherwise known as DHTML is a combination of HTML, JavaScript, CSS and other scripting languages used to create interactive web pages. When you use just HTML you are creating a static page, which means there really isn't much interaction with the viewer. About all they can do is watch an animated graphic. I am sure most people who have been on the internet for a while has seen DHTML in one form or another. It's been discussed in lessons on both HTML and FrontPage. One of the popular DHTML is page transitions. HTML Lesson 8 and FrontPage Lesson 9 both discuss page transitions. Another is the mouse over which is discussed in FrontPage Lesson 14. I've placed yet another DHTML effect via FrontPage to the links below. Those links will take you to sites that provide free Scripts for DHTML

Kurt's DHTML and DHTML Shock



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