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Just over a year ago in another group I went on a mission, it was to inform all in that group to hide their email addresses. It was almost a nightmare what went on with that. People threatening to contact my ISP cause I was spamming (in which my ISP cracked up and said we would never consider that spam), people saying things that were just horrible. But I wouldn't back down from my mission. After about 4 months and being 50% successful at getting those I emailed to hide their email address, I finally gave up the mission, and shortly after gave up the group. Although I have stated it on here, I haven't been diligent about telling people the security measures they should be taking. It's an issue that has been bothering me for a while so I begin my thread on Security.

  • Everyone with a passport should hide their email address. Never give out your passport email address. If you really need to provide an email address then get a second one that is not associated with any passport and provide it for use.
  • Have two passports in manager position, (just in case of an MSN glitch), if one of the passports gets messed in an MSN Happens then the other passport should work. DO NOT use your manager passports, for you own safety, due to passport switching problem.
  • Some recommend not to use your assistant manager passports either, but this gets far too much for someone constantly busy in the managerial duties of the board. I suggest using your assistant manager passport for all duties except what requires a manager.
  • Do not communicate with your group by the email function. Even if you have a hidden email address your email address will be exposed. This opens you up to not a hack but what is called a spoof. There is no need for you password or secret question, but they can harm you and the boards you post at.
  • Change your password and secret question often, for your own safety. Chances of a passport being hacked with a password being changed often are far less likely.
  • Another thing you can do is use a fake email address for you passport address, if you don't plan on getting any kinds of reports from that group. But you still should hide your email address because what you put in there will give a spoofer access to your passport.
  • When joining a group that requires the management to approve your membership, use your non passport related email address. Once you are approved for membership change your email address back to your passport related email address making sure it is hidden.



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