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Many may tell you that there is a way to protect your pages from being stolen, but in actual fact this is a myth. There is no real way to protect your pages, except by not uploading them to the internet. For those who really want your source code, they will get it and it actually only takes them a couple seconds to do so. 

Don't let anyone fool you into believing that your source code and your pictures are safe if you use the protection coding for your page, it is not true!

Don't believe me, give me the challenge and I will show you.

With that in mind there are ways to stop the newbie from copying things, and these will also show the experienced that you don't want your pages copied. If the experienced still insist they will get the pages but if they do they are just plain thieves and have no respect therefore deserve no respect. Below are links to the code that I use to make it known I do not want my pages copied. The following were provided to my by Kezzie.

Disable Right Click - provided by

No Left Click - provided by Andy Scott

Getting rid of the image tool bar in IE6

Another Right Click - provided by Cory Cone

For your view source - Kezzie gets credit for this as I don't know any other author.

Scroller - provided by Remco Kapinga (topkapi) and Kezzie gets credit for finding it to be a way of securing pages.

Using frames can also protect your pages from being copied by the newbie, but using frames can also cause other vulnerabilities.



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