Creating a Left Bordered Background


To create a background which has a border on the left of it is simple to create. You will need a graphics program like PSP7 which this lesson will use, and a graphic that you would want to use for your left border. I will use the graphic below for this lesson.


  1. Open the graphic you wish to use as your left border in PSP.

    Click on Image on the file menu then choose Image Information...

  2. Under Image Dimensions find the height of the graphic (the one I am using is 127 pixels)

  3. Click on the Flood Fill icon and make your foreground color and your background color the color you wish the plain part of your background to be

  4. On the File Menu choose File then New

  5. In the window that pops up make the width 1300 pixels wide and the height the height of your graphic you will be using for the background (I will put 1300 X 127 pixels.

  6. Once that is done you can click OK and you should have a graphic open in PSP with a background color that you have chosen.

  7. Now go back to your graphic you previously opened and right click on the outer box of the graphic window (outside of the graphic itself) and choose copy.

  8. Switch back to the graphic that you created with the background color and right click and paste as new layer.

  9. Move the graphic over to the far left side so it is lined up against the left, top and bottom margins of the graphic.

  10. Go to the File Menu and click on Layers, then Merge, then Merge All (Flatten).

  11. Save your graphic and you have now created a bordered background.

To see how to set up a page with a bordered background see the tutorial Using a Background with a Left Border


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