Image Mapping


Most people who have been on the internet and creating web pages for a while are able to place a link on a graphic, but just how many people are aware that you can place many links on one graphic? Better still, PSP makes this task ever so simple to do.


In the Creating a Webset tutorial I said I would explain why the sign and view the guestbook was all one image and how it will work. It's called image mapping and you are about to see just how simple it really is. The image below is going to be opened in PSP and Links placed on the word view and sign.

  1. Open the graphic in PSP then Click on File then Export then choose Image Mapper. The window below will open on your screen.

  2. Choose the Rectangle button

  3. Place your mouse in the top left corner of the word View and hold down the left button on your mouse, dragging the mouse to the bottom right corner of the word View, take your finger off the left mouse button.

  4. You will now have the word View marked with a green rectangle around it.

  5. Go to Object Properties and beside URL: type in the url to the page for viewing the guestbook

  6. Beside Alt text: type in an explanation like View the Guestbook

  7. Beside Target choose one of the options depending on your preference.

  8. Repeat steps 3-7 but using the word Sign instead of View.

  9. When you are satisfied that you have marked each item as you want them to be click on the Save button and save your work.

This will create a page with the graphic in it and the coding for linking each word. You can highlight the graphic and copy it from the page PSP created to the page that you want your graphic displayed in. Simple as that, you are done!


I have placed the code for the page I created over here, just place your mouse over the View then the Sign and you will see that links really do exist. The pages they go to are not really guestbook though, they are just links.

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