Creating Graphics for Left and Right Bordered Background


To create a double bordered background you will want to mirror your chosen graphic and make both graphics with transparent backgrounds.

  1. Open the graphic you wish to use as your borders in PSP.

  2. Right click on the graphic and choose copy

  3. Right click in the PSP window and choose paste as new image

  4. Click on Image on the File menu and then choose mirror, you should now have two mirrored graphics similar to the ones below.

  5. On the file menu choose Image, then Image Information and take note of the width of your graphics. You only need this information when creating your page. The width of my graphics is 144 pixels.

  6. If the background of your graphics is the same as the background color you wish to use for your plain background you can just save the two graphics otherwise continue with the next step.

  7. Open Animation Shop

  8. Copy both graphics from PSP into Animation Shop

  9. Once copied to Animation Shop Click on Animation in the File menu and choose replace color.

  10. Under Replace check off Old Color and click in the box beside so the color chart opens (see graphic on right)

  11. Click on the background color of your graphic which will change the selected color on the color chart.

  12. Under With choose Transparent Opacity

  13. Click OK and your graphic should have a transparent background

  14. Repeat the procedure for the second graphic. When done you should have two graphics with transparent backgrounds like below.

  15. Your two graphics are now ready to be saved and you can build your double bordered background page.

To see how to set up a page with a bordered background see the tutorial Left and Right Bordered Background


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