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Scandisk will find errors on your drive that may be causing you problems.

Please note: You need to shut down all programs running or you will receive a message as below. To be sure all running programs are shut down do the following:

  1. Press Ctrl/Alt and Del keys at the same time (a window will pop up)
  2. The only programs that should be running are Explorer, Rundll, Systray
  3. If any other programs are running highlight the program and click on end task
  4. Repeat process until the only 3 programs running are the three in #2.


When you first click on the scandisk option you will see the following window:


You might want to click on Advanced to see if the options there are set to your preferences. My preferences are as shown below:


After being sure your settings are set to your preference then click OK. It will bring you back to the previous window. Check off the Automatically fix errors and then click start in that window and you will see the following window. At the bottom of the window there is an indicator to show just how far the scandisk has progressed. All you need do is sit back and wait for scandisk to finish.


When it is finished you will see a window similar to below displaying your results of the scan.


The thorough scan is slightly different and will take much more time to run. I don't recommend doing this one except maybe once a month just to be sure there are no major problems with the hard drive. Or run it if you still have problems after running all the other tools.


Once you have chosen Thorough click on the Options button and you will see the window below:


If the options are set up right click OK. Again the indicator will run through the process but an added process will be at the end.

When done you again will receive the box displaying the results of the scan.


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