BBL- Be back later
BIL- Brother In law
BRB- Be right back
BTW- By the way
CYL- Catch ya later
DD- Dear Daughter
DH- Dear Husband
DS- Dear Son
DW- Dear wife
<EG />- Evil Grin
FIL- Father In law
<G />- Grin
GMTA- Great Minds Think Alike
IM- Instant message
IRL- In Real Life
J/K- Just kidding
18r- Later
LMAO- Laughing my ass off
LMBO- Laughing my butt off
LOL- Laughing out Loud
LTNS- Long time no see

MIL- Mother In law

NP- No problem

OIC- Oh I see!!
OMG- Oh My God

ROFL- Rolling on the floor laughing
ROFLMAOPMP- Rolling on floor

laughing my ass off peeing my pants
ROFLMBO- Rolling on floor

laughing my butt off
SIL- Sister In Law
(S)- smile
SAHD - Stay at home dad
SAHM- Stay at home mom
TTFN- Ta ta for now
TTYL- Talk to you later
TY- Thank you
WB- Welcome back
WTG- Way to go
XH- Ex-husband
XW- Ex-wife
YW- Your welcome


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