Some Rules to Remember


Not all computers are going to see the font you are using unless that font is installed into their computer. For this reason it is best to stick to default fonts like Arial & Times New Roman.

Keep the font sizes to a minimum for your page, it is best to keep to 2 or 3 sizes on your page, no more. A page with many fonts and sizes is going to chase away visitors rather than keep them.

Use bold text to highlight important items on your page.


Not all computers are hooked up to high speed internet, it is always good to remember the users who are stuck with dial up when you are creating your page. Therefore you want to make your graphics and pages dial up friendly (keep them compact).

Screen Resolution

Remember that not everyone has the same screen resolution as you do. Someone with a lower screen resolution than you have could experience side scroll on your web pages. It is good to check your pages in different resolutions to see how others view your pages.


You might think that music is great on your site, but others may not. For the most part, you are best not to place music on your site, it could send people away rather than keep them there.


Keep your JavaScript to a minimum. JavaScript takes time to load and it might send people running rather than keeping them at your site. This also goes for the mouse trail effects. Nothing is more annoying than mouse trails.

Spelling and Grammar

Do your best to be sure that your spelling and grammar are correct. Proofread your pages, sometimes a spell checker misses a word because the word is valid but the way you use it is wrong.

All Caps

Remember this is classified as shouting when you are on the web, be careful not to use it.

I am not saying don't use many of these as I have used them in my own pages, or some of them anyway. Just be very cautious when using these, you don't want to send your visitors away, you want to keep them on your site and coming back.

This lesson could be added to so check back to make sure you have read it all.


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