Lesson 8


Sometimes when viewing pages that are created with tables you will see a small white background, this can be eliminated by using margin settings. These settings placed in your body tag as shown below.

for the top margin you would enter  topmargin="0"

for the left margin you would enter  leftmargin="0"

Inserting Music in Your Page

To add music to your page enter the following somewhere above the </head> tag

<bgsound src="url to your music" loop="-1">

changing the text in red to the url of your music. The loop="-1" attribute tells the browser that the music continues to repeat itself as long as the page is displayed. To change this you can remove the - from the attribute and leaving the 1 will tell the browser to play the file only once. If you want to play it more than once replace the 1 with the number of times you want the file to play.

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