HTML Lesson 7

Page Transitions

Page transitions are entered in the HEAD of your HTML Document.

Event: the event that will trigger the transition effect. Your choices are: Page-Enter; Page-Exit; Site-Enter; Site-Exit

Duration: type the amount of time that you want the transition effect to last.

Transition: the number under Tag in the Table below

<META http-equiv="Event" content="revealTrans(Duration=1.0,Transition=0)">

The exception to this rule is with Blend the tag for it would be:

<META http-equiv="Event" content="blendTrans(Duration=1.0)">

Transition Name Tag
Blend blendTrans
Box In 0
Box Out 1
Circle In 2
Circle Out 3
Wipe Up 4
Wipe Down 5
Wipe Right 6
Wipe Left 7
Vertical Blinds 8
Horizontal Blinds 9
Checkerboard across 10
Checkerboard down 11
Random Dissolved 12
Split Vertical In 13
Split Vertical Out 14
Split Horizontal In 15
Split Horizontal Out 16
Strips Left Down 17
Strips Left Up 18
Strips Right Down 19
Strips Right UP 20
Random Bars Horizontal 21
Random Bars Vertical 22
Random 23


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