HTML Lesson 6

Meta Tags

<META> tags are used to get your pages search engine ready. These tags are located within the <HEAD> tag. When you register with a search engine, they will crawl your site looking for information contained within the <HEAD> tag.

Adding Keywords is very important, the search engine is going to be looking for the keywords in order to register your site. When someone does a search the search engine retrieves the information from the keywords submitted by a web page. The HTML code used to add keywords is as follows.

<META name='keywords" content="enter as many keywords as you can into this area">

It is also important to add a description of your site. The description of your site is what the search engine will display when it retrieves the results from a search. The HTML code used to add a description is as follows.

<META name="description" content="enter a description of your site here">

When using a web developing program to create your web you are provided with other <META> tags that are helpful. Those tags tell the browser information about the author, the program used, etc. You can see what FrontPage includes by viewing the FrontPage Lesson 1.

To help you with <META> tags, Ask Maggy Mae also provides a Meta Tag Generator.


File transfer Protocol is what is used to transfer your web from your computer to you web space on the internet. There are many FTP programs that can be used. If you use FrontPage, you don't need another program in order to upload your files, FrontPage has a build in publishing tool.

Another handy tool for uploading to your website is the use of My Network Places if you are using Windows XP. For Ask Maggy Mae, I use My Network Places when I want to quickly add a graphic so I can place it in a post on the forum. If you are not using Windows XP there is a tool that you can download from Ask Maggy Mae that works the same as My Network Places in XP. MSWebFolders can be installed into any of the previous Windows OS. I also use the My Network Places or the build in ftp in the IE browser to upload files to my Shaw webspace.

To use the build in ftp all you need to do is enter the url for your ftp. Simply type ftp:// and then the url that you use for the file transfer. If you are not sure of your ftp url ask your web host. I have my shaw ftp saved in my favorites for easy access.


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