Creating a Lake Effect in a Graphic


Open you image in Paintshop Pro

Right click on the image and choose copy

Right click in PSP window and choose Paste as New Image

Save your image

With one of the two images do the following:

  • Click Image from the file menu

  • Click Flip

  • Save Image

With the other image do the following:

  • Click Image from the file menu

  • Click Canvas Size

  • Leave Current Width as is

  • Make New Height Double the Current Height

  • Uncheck Center Image Horizontally

  • Uncheck Center Image Vertically

  • Change top to 0 and bottom will take all the change in size

  • Click OK

  • Save the image

You should now have two images as shown below




Open  both images in animation Animation Shop

You will be working with the flipped image first (from here on in will be called the animated image)

  • Click Effects in the file menu

  • Click Insert Image Effect

  • Under Effect find the Underwater effect and choose it

  • Now click the Customize button

  • The settings I used for my graphic are as follows


    • Apply Both

    • Sunlight Intensity - 20

    Liquid Properties

    • Waterdepth - 93


    • Wave 1

    • X: 54

    • Y: -29

    • Wave 2

    • X: -17

    • Y: -29

    • Wave 3

    • X: -12

    • Y: -29

  • You can use these or choose your own, when you have the settings you like click OK

  • For my graphic I used the following

    Effect Length - 5.1 secs

    Frames Per Second - 13 fps

    For a total of 66 frames

  • When you have your settings to how you want again click OK

    Note: The more frames you have the larger the graphic size and the longer it will take to load on a page.

  • Now you want to remove the original graphic from this animation. Click on the original frame (should be frame 1), then right click and choose delete.

  • Check how many frames are on the animated graphic. To do this you go to the last frame and you will see F:?? D:?? Where ?? means a number. The number beside the F is the number of frames in your animation. You need this for your still image.

  • Save your image

  • My image is shown below

Switch to your still image (the image with the blank space at the bottom). You want to give this image the same amount of frames as your animated image, to do this follow instructions below:

  • Click Animation in the file menu

  • Choose Insert Frames

  • Click Empty

  • Number of frames - this is 1 less than the number of frames in your animated image

  • Insert before frame change to 2

  • Frame delay, leave as 1

  • Contents of New Frames

    Click Carry forward contents of preceding frame

  • Click OK

Now both your images should have the same amount of frames.


  • Click on your animated image

  • Click Edit in the file menu

  • Choose Select All

  • Click again on Edit

  • Click Copy

  • Click on your still image

  • Click Edit in the file menu

  • Choose Select All

  • Now hold down your "Ctrl" key and your "E" key at the same time. This will paste the contents of the animation into the still image. You will now need to carefully place the image correctly into place, move your mouse until the image is where you want it and click your left mouse button.

  • Click Animation in the file menu and choose Frame Properties.

  • Under Display Time I set it to 20 (you can set it to your preference)

  • Click OK

View your new animation to see if your settings work to your liking, if so save your image and you are done. If you don't like it you can undo any changes and try again with different settings. My finished animation is below.



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